Project Description

Homer’s World of Heroes: Greece in the Mycenaean Age

  • Tuesday 15 February 2022 at 10:30

  • Venue: The Danish Club, Mijas

  • Lecturer: Neil Faulkner

  • Members and members from other The Arts Society:
    8 Euros Pay at Door
    Non-Members: 10 Euros Pay at Door

How real was Homer’s world of heroes?  Until the late 19th century, it was assumed to be fiction: scholars thought Greek history began in 776 BC with the first Olympics.  Then Heinrich Schliemann discovered ‘golden Mycenae’.  The archaeological and artistic treasures in the famous `shaft-graves’ and elsewhere revealed the reality behind Homer’s account of the Trojan War.

This lecture will use literature, archaeology, and ancient art to reconstruct the lost world of the Greek Bronze Age – the world of Agamemnon, Helen, Achilles, Hector and Odysseus.

About the Lecturer

Neil Faulkner was educated at King’s College Cambridge and Institute of Archaeology UCL. Works as lecturer, writer, archaeologist and occasional broadcaster. Research Fellow, University of Bristol. Editor, Military History Monthly. Director, Sedgeford Historical and Archaeological Research Project. Director, Great Arab Revolt Project. Author of The Decline and Fall of Roman Britain, Apocalypse, Hidden Treasure, Rome: Empire of the Eagles, and The Ancient Greek Olympics: a visitor’s guide. Author of forthcoming Lawrence of Arabia’s War. Major TV appearances include Channel 4’s Time Team, BBC2’s Timewatch, Channel Five’s Boudica Revealed and Sky Atlantic’s The British.