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The Arts Society Costa del Sol – formerly Costa del Sol Decorative and Fine Arts Society (Dfas) –  was established in 1988, the first Society of its kind in Spain. We are part of a global network of 385 local Arts Societies.  Our objective is to further the enjoyment, knowledge and awareness of the Arts internationally and to stimulate interest in cultural heritage in Spain. Our society is friendly, active and thriving with our members representing 15 nationalities and who are passionate about the Arts in all its expressions.

Each year we hold a series of Lectures and Extra Lectures from October through to May covering a wide range of artistic and cultural interests. These lectures are given in English by accredited speakers from the UK. We also arrange many popular social events for our members and organise cultural travel in Spain and abroad. Being a member is a not just a great way to learn, it’s a way of meeting likeminded people and making new friends. We welcome Visitors.

The Salon Varietés Theatre in Fuengirola is the venue for our main lectures on the second Monday of the month and we meet in the Danish Club on the road to Mijas Pueblo for extra lectures 4-5 times per season. View Venues …

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Hon President & Chairman
Billy Dawson

Vice Chairman & Extra Lecture Secretary
Maureen Davies

Hon Secretary
Mary Napthen

Fred Harding

Programme Secretary
Maggie Wilkinson

Publicity Secretary and
Patrons Secretary
Stephen Burns

Membership Secretary
Amanda Giles

Social Events and Travel Secretary
Gudrun Lund-Andersen


Sue Hampton – Art Appreciation Group
Email: suehamptonkevin@hotmail.com


Name Role Email Telephone
Billy Dawson Hon President & Chairman ch.costadelsol@theartssociety.org 677 838 278
Maureen Davies Vice Chairman & Extra Lecture Secretary losromanosmijas@yahoo.com 630 747 311
Mary Napthen Hon Secretary costadelsol@theartssociety.com 618 878 574
Fred Harding Treasurer tr.costadelsol@theartssociety.com 666 235 695
Maggie Wilkinson Programme Secretary pr.costadelsol@theartssociety.com 617 903 174
Amanda Giles Membership Secretary mb.costadelsol@theartssociety.com 610 965 071
Gudrun Lund-Andersen Social Events & Travel Secretary so.costadelsol@theartssociety.org 952 660 106
Stephen Burns
Sponsorship & Publicity Secretary ps.costadelsol@theartssociety.com 690 173 815