El Camino de Santiago de Compostela: an iconographic voyage in history and art

  • Tuesday 14 March 2023 at 10:30

  • Venue: The Danish Club, Mijas

  • Lecturer: Helen Sijsling

  • Members and members of other The Arts Society:8 Euros 
    Non-Members: 10 Euros

The fascinating story of how the apostle James became Santiago de Compostela and the many different ways of portraying him.  In this lecture we will seek answers to some questions:  What do chickens, shells, Botticelli’s Venus and Celtic rocks have in common?  How did the pilgrimage come into being?  This involves looking at James historically and at legends and miracles and how Saint James was used by politicians and what power and politics have to do with Santiago.  Finally, what was the role of holy pilgrims and holy places on the pilgrimage to Santiago?

This lecture will take us on a journey through art from the 10th century to modern times.  It is a fascinating story and one which will inspire you to do the Camino!

About the Lecturer

Drs Helen Sijsling MA (born in Australia, lived in the Netherlands, lives in Spain), MA History of Art (University of Leyden), MA English Literature (Universities of Leyden and Oxford) and MA Educational Management (University of Amsterdam).  Helen taught English for the first part of her career to later become management consultant on education, advising secondary schools on educational improvement and training teachers and managers in The Netherlands and the Antilles.

Helen is presently Chairman of The Arts Society Nerja and has lectured for many years to The Arts Societies in Europe.